Laravel goes

Composer package, which connects any Laravel project with


Core Features

Easy Integration

Connecting existing Laravel application with is done in a few clicks. Everything is prepared for you.

Flexible & Visual

You can change your business logic without touching Laravel code. An unlimited number of no-code scenarios.

Quick Onboarding

Using Exowizz is simple and does not require technical knowledge. Employees from any sector can create scenarios.

Exowizz - a nocode bridge for Laravel

Change your logic externally

Hiring and training new developers is hard, and no one has time to wait six months for an update.

Keep app lean

Extract business processes

Save time & money

Empower your team

Pivot & Adapt quickly

Change scenarios minutely

Integrating Exowizz into your application

How It Works


Install the package

Pull our package and get everything inside


Define models, hooks & triggers

Which events will trigger scenarios

03 app

You’ll get custom app


Create scenarios

Using visual builder create Make scenarios


1500+ integrations

Once you have your own you can connect your application with over 1500 3rd party services. Without touching you codebase!

Need some help?

We can integrate Exowizz for you

Connect Laravel application with visual no-code platform Make in 10 minutes.

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